Posted by: kitkat | April 15, 2004

Looky at our new blog!

I started a blog for the teens, and so I thought it only fair that you guys would get some special time with me too! This week you guys get to stay home from school, so I planned a lot of special events just for you.

Tuesday April 13 Kids Disco 1 – 3 PM

Wednesday April 14 Movie Madness 1 – 4 PM

Thursday April 15 Spring Bead Craft 1 – 2 PM

So far, the Kids Disco and the Movie Madness were both very successful. Everyone had tons of fun dancing the day away and getting their faces painted. We danced to the BeeGees, the Village People and even Sesame Street Disco! Our movie day was a lot of fun too, and everyone got popcorn everywhere. I hope that the Spring Craft is as popular as the other two were.

Any time you want to suggest a program or a book, feel free to ask for Cathy (I’m the lady with all the earrings and the silly smile).

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