Posted by: kitkat | April 29, 2004

Yesterday students from the high school art department…

Yesterday high school students from the art department began work on a mural for the children’s area. So far, there are two different shades of blue paint on the walls as a base, and once those are done, then the serious painting begins. Come in and see what’s going on!

I have just finished a flier for summer programs at the library. If you like reading a lot (or even a little), come by this summer. There will be prizes for everyone who registers in the program and a big party at the end! There will also be fun programs. Here’s just a taste of what’s coming:

June 28
Just Clowning Around Balloon Man and face painting with Sylvia 1 – 3 PM (all ages)
Scavenger Hunt 4 – 5 PM (all ages)

June 29
Patriotic Safety Pin Bracelets 10:30 – 12:30 PM (GR 3 – 6 – registration required)

June 30
Special Travel Movie 1 – 2:30 PM (all ages)

And that’s just June!


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