Posted by: kitkat | July 1, 2004

Opening Events on Monday from 1 – 3 PM

Opening Summer Events

On Monday from 1 – 3 PM, our opening events went very well, although it was pretty crazy for a while. About 150 people came to participate that day!

We had the Balloon Man from Just Clowning Around. One of the staff members, Sylvia, painted faces for four whole hours! We had carnival events: fishing, bean bag toss, ring toss and balloon pop. In the meeting room, a puppet theater was set up so everyone who wanted to could put on a puppet show. Finally we had a scavenger hunt, so that people could learn more about the library, and earn a raffle ticket for the end of the summer party!

Even if you didn’t come in on Monday, that doesn’t mean that you still can’t register for the summer reading program. Even if you just read 90 minutes, you will still get a raffle ticket for prizes.

On Tuesday, we had a great time making beaded bracelets, although it was pretty time consuming. Wednesday we watched a movie and ate popcorn. Remember that we will be showing movies every Wednesday this summer, so be prepared with your popcorn, your stuffed animals and your blankets!

This Friday (that would be tomorrow!) from 2 – 4 PM, it will be non-stop gaming action for 3 – 6 graders! Come to play games, watch others and be ready for TONS OF FUN!

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