2005 Summer Reading Rules

1. Sign up at the front desk for the correct age group:
pre-readers (3 – 5 years) or readers (6 – 11 years).

2. You will receive these rules, a time card, reading log, stamp and bookmark.

3. Write your name on your time card and reading log.

4. Keep track of your time and books read.
For every 15 minutes you read, put a stamp on your time card.

5. Each time you have read 90 minutes (= stamping 6 times) take your time card to the front desk at the Parma Public Library.
A staff member will punch your card; give you a prize, a raffle ticket, and a music note to sign your name. A staff member will take your music note and hang it on our ceiling of “musical stars”.

6. Once you have finished the first sheet, your name will be put on our special window. Continue to keep track of each 15 min you read.

7. You will only receive prizes for the first sheet, but you can still earn more musical notes and raffle tickets. The raffle tickets will be used at the end of the summer reading party, for small prizes as well as the grand prize, which is a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble. You need to be present for the small drawings, but don’t have to attend to win the grand prize drawing. The more you read the more chances you’ll get for all our drawings!

8. Our end of the summer party will be held on Friday, August 12 at 12 PM.

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