Posted by: kitkat | August 28, 2006

Who do you look like? I know who I look like now!

Upon reading another librarian’s blog, I knew that I had to try this to see what celebrities I look like. I thought I might look like some beautiful popular famous woman, but NOoooo. Instead, I look like:

1) a German politican who is a member of the Free Democratic Party (Hans-Dietrich Genscher)

2) an Italian American comedian who hasn’t been in very many good movies.. well a couple like Mars Attacks and L.A. Confidential (Danny DeVito)

3) a beautiful Italian actress… okay that’s pretty cool, but I don’t look like a YOUNG version of her (Sophia Loren)

4) a member of Knesset and chairman of the Meretz-Yachad party in Isreal (Yossi Beilin)

5) an Israeli superstar (model and actress) okay this is very cool and she’s young to boot (Yael Bar Zohar)

6) a Dutch chess player (Max Euwe)

7) a Hungrarian mathematician (Kurt Godel)

8) an American actor… Luke Skywalker! (Mark Hamill)

I also look like Donald Rumsfeld, who is the Secretary of Defense, but its not as much fun as saying you look like Luke Skywalker!

I was disappointed that I didn’t look like more women and that a lot of the men I looked like had big flappy cheeks, but at least some of them were pretty neat. I really suggest you do it too, so that you can share my pain, or make me jealous! Plus its free! Weee!


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