Posted by: kitkat | April 3, 2007

April is poetry month

I want to do a special Poetry Month contest. Blog only. What I need you to do is

1) Email me with a poem that YOU have created. It doesn’t need to follow any form or rhyme, but it does need to be your original work. If you want to follow a form, let me know and I will find you a book to help you.

Entries MUST be in by April 27, 2007. That gives you about 2 1/2 weeks to send in an entry.

I have ways of finding out whether or not its your work, btw. 🙂

2) Once you email me your poem, I will post it up on the blog, giving you credit of course. If you do want to be anonymous, I can do that too, just let me know.

3) Get people to vote! We will have people vote through the use of comments. People will vote on the one that they like best.

Voting ends on May 11, 2007. That gives people two weeks to vote.

4) The person with the most votes, gets a special prize, consisting of things I have from past summer reading programs or any thing else that I have stashed away.

Make it fun and get your friends involved.

Here’s one of my poems, using the form of the haiku, because its only 3 lines of 5-7-5 syllables.

turtle in the sun
dances on the warm rock face
be still, you may fall!

– Cathy Kyle

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