Posted by: kitkat | June 1, 2007

Library Expansion FAQ and more

I’m sure that you already know… but in case you don’t, the library wants to expand. We don’t have any more room where we are, and I want a bigger space bean bag chairs as well as a place for all of you to hang out, study… or maybe even a spot for more KIDS ONLY computers!

We need you guys to make suggestions:
What would you like to see in the new library?
What would you like your space to look like?
What kind of programs would you like to see us have, if we had a bigger space?
What do you like about the current library space?
Do you think we need a bigger library?

Let us know how you feel!

Here is the FAQ that I wrote for the director’s blog:

Why do you want to move?
We need more space!

Space for books
At this point we are facing a one book in, one book out problem. Some of our shelves are overcrowded with books, making it difficult to get anything out. This is not because people aren’t checking books out. Our circulation has been rising steadily over the past couple of years.
Space for programming
We’d love to have programs for larger crowds of people, but in our current situation we are limited to one small meeting room.
Space for quiet relaxing
In our current building, our only seating area is right next to the computers, which can get pretty noisy. We do have a couple of tables to study, but they are right next to our teen area.
Space for noise
We love welcoming our teens in the library, but with that comes noise. In a new library, we would be able to have a space just for teens, with computers and seating that would allow them to make some noise, but not in the center of the library.
Space for computers
When the library was built, we were using card catalogues. They knew that technology would change, but they were unable to envision how much space we would need for computers. And we need more. We would like to add more computers, but we just don’t have the space.
Space for people
The town of Parma is growing rapidly! When the library was built, they knew that there would be town growth, but they had no idea how truly popular Parma would be!

Why can’t we expand where we are?
The town does not own any of the land around the library, only the land that is directly under the library. The parking lot is owned by the church next door, and they graciously allow us to make use of their parking lot.

Why can’t you just build up?
In order to build up, we would have to tear down the existing building. This is because the current building would be unable to handle the weight of the added books on a second floor. Some people have suggested adding a basement level, but that would have other consequences… think about the fire hall floods and how close we are to the creek. Plus, without natural light it would get too depressing. Also, if we added another floor, we would need to add more staff. Plus the parking lot might become more congested.

Why do we have so few options in the village?
The village of Hilton is pretty full. The only locations available at no or minimal cost to us are Henry Street (and outside of the village) Town Hall.

Why do you want to share a space with the community center and senior center?
There’s SO much potential with a shared site. We could combine programming, such as adding story time to the community center’s craft program. We could have larger programs such as, musical groups or animal programs. We could have more daytime programs for senior citizens. Plus, if the teens needed to get some energy out, we could send them to the gym. 🙂



  1. My husband, our three boys and I live in the village. While I enjoy the library’s current location because it’s a relatively short walk from our home, I would love to see a larger library in Hilton. I think relocating to Henry Street is a wonderful idea.

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