Posted by: kitkat | June 12, 2007

New book displays for June

We’ve highlighted some exciting books for you this month!

Fairy Tale display

For those who have read all of our princess series and want more, we have fairy tales!

Laurence Yep

For those who want an author they may not have heard of, we have Laurence Yep! If you like his books, you can learn more about him by checking out the MCLS website for the database index and looking at the biography database.

David Wiesner Display

For the picture book lovers, we have David Wiesner, who has won many awards. Recently, he won the Caldacott Award for his book Flotsam. You can check out his website for more information, or you can go to the biography index at the MCLS website.


Finally, Father’s Day is coming up! Why not celebrate by making him a cake or cookies? Maybe you could even make him DINNER! Check out our cookbook display on the long shelf for ideas! Or go to FamilyFun and check out some of their ideas…


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