2008 Summer Reading Rules

Family Summer Reading Program

This year we want to get the whole family involved in summer reading!

Come in during June to sign up and collect your family journal. Feel free to decorate it and make it unique for your family.

Each week from July 7 through August 15 we will have a different theme. There will be book displays for all ages, a special program and a list of ideas for things you can do together as a family.

July 7 – 11 Sports
July 14 – 18 Arts
July 21 – 25 Mysteries
July 28 – August 1 Games
August 4 – 8 Animals
August 11 – 15 Music

As you read and have fun together let everyone in the family write or draw their thoughts in the journal. This includes you parents! Remember to write down the titles of the books you read. Get artistic! Write poems. Draw or use pictures from magazines. Take photographs. This is something special for your family to treasure!

Every family who completes all six weeks gets a prize at the end for the whole family and everyone is invited to join us for our end of the summer party.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us! My email is ckyle@libraryweb.org and our phone number is 392-8350. You can also feel free to leave a comment right on the blog. I try and answer them as quickly as possible.

Thanks and have a great summer!


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