Posted by: kitkat | January 11, 2008

Poetry Friday – Moss

Reindeer go,
Where mosses grow.
Cross the river
Where they’ve crossed forever.
We go too.
It’s what we do.
Same old track.
There and back.

I’ve seen the horse
Take a different course.
Eats the grass
Our reindeer pass.
Gallops and prances,
Frisks and dances.
He looks free.
Not like me.

I’m going to catch him.
I’m going to ride.
Leave these deer
I’ve trudged beside.
I’m going to follow
The waving grasses,
Across the steppe
And through the passes.
I will see
All there is to see.
I’ll be free.
I’ll be free.

From: Hoofprints: Horse Poems collected by Jessie Haas
5000 to 3000 B.C. (transition time is uncertain), Northern Mongolia


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