Posted by: kitkat | January 15, 2008


We now have a great new database for use IN THE LIBRARY that’s called culturegrams.

From their site:

Today, educators, librarians, and administrators in more than 30,000 K-12 schools rely on ProQuest Information and Learning to:

  • Provide comprehensive, easy-to-use educational resources to power learning and increase student achievement
  • Enhance curriculum with age-appropriate, high-quality digital content from primary and secondary sources spanning thousands of titles and multiple media types
  • Provide landmark articles and electronic resources that illuminate all aspects of the most vital issues of our time
  • Inspire students to reach their fullest potential in the core curricula of Language Arts, Social Sciences, the Sciences, and Mathematics; and secondary curricula including the Arts, Multicultural Studies, and Technology and Vocational Education

ProQuest products are designed to support the widespread, integrated, sustained, and effective (WISE) use of technology to help K-12 schools develop educators’ skills and improve student achievement at every grade level.

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