Posted by: kitkat | May 2, 2008

Haiku by Olivia

At our family book discussion group I gave prizes to people who recited a poem or wrote a poem of their own. Olivia was kind enough to email her poems to me and allow me to share them with you. Here are two of her haiku :

The flowers blossom
As the little sparrows chirp
The sun shines brightly

Cool bubbling brooks
Shy deer hiding in the trees
A breeze blows softly

According to Wikipedia: The traditional haiku consisted of a pattern of 5, 7, and 5 on. (On are similar to syllables, but not the same.)

Haiku are traditionally written about nature, although that has changed somewhat with the times… For example, there is a book called Honku which is a book of car rage haiku (and written for adults).

Feel free to send me some of your own haiku or other forms of poetry even though April is over!


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