Posted by: kitkat | May 16, 2008

May Family Book Discussion

This month we read humorous, joke and riddle books. Everyone had some really great jokes to share.

Here are the books that everyone read:

102 Wild and Wacky Jokes by Michael Pellowski
Funny Riddles by Jacqueline Horsfall
Super Knock-knocks by Charles Keller
Snakey Riddles by Katy Hall, Lisa Eisenberg, and Simms Taback
What Do You Hear When Cows Sing? by Marco Maestro
1800 Riddles, Enigmas and Other Conundrums by Darwin Hindman
Buggy Riddles by Katy Hall
My First Riddles by Judith Hoffman Corwin

Next month, on June 19th at 5 pm, we’ll be reading books about animals. Any kind of animals at all! While it would be nice to pick your favorite animal, also consider reading about an animal you’ve never heard of before!


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