Posted by: kitkat | July 1, 2008

Special posts for July and August

I decided that this month I would take a break from poetry and nursery rhymes. Instead, I’m going to post some descriptions of books you might like to read. In honor of July and August I’ll try and make them summer related and related to the theme for each week of the summer reading program. At the beginning of each week I’ll post some suggestions for things to do, besides read… although what else would you want to do during the summer besides read? 🙂

To remind you of the themes:
1. Sports
2. Art
3. Mystery
4. Games
5. Animals
6. Music

The site that I’ll be getting all this information from is called Goodreads. Its a site that I use to keep track of all the books I read, am currently reading or want to read sometime in the future. If you, or your family ever decide to keep track of your books this way, please feel free to let me know. That way I can see what you’ve read and, if you liked it, I can make sure that we own it!


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