Posted by: kitkat | July 27, 2008

Fourth Week of Summer Reading: Games

Looking for a way to spice up a lazy summer day? How about checking out books in these dewey decimal numbers?
Educational Games – 649
Card Games – 795
Group Games – 796

Here’s our special program of the week:

July 30 at 2 pm – Family Bingo
Bingo for the whole family with snacks, prizes and lots of screaming “BINGO”!

Looking for ideas? How about trying these things:

  • Play a game of disc golf. Here are some local places to play: Ellison Park: Rochester, NY 14610 Baker Farm: Chili, NY 14428 Basil Marella Park: Greece, NY 14616
  • Ask your parents or grandparents what games they played as a kid. Invite them to join you!
  • Trying to decide who gets to pick what you eat for lunch? Why not play a game of rock, paper, scissors for it?

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