Posted by: kitkat | July 30, 2008

The kids summer games book by Jane Drake and Ann Love

You can find this book in non-fiction: j790.1 DRA

From Goodreads:

When you’re a kid, summertime stretches before you like a vast plane of possibility. Long days await, ready to be filled with excitement and discovery–and games, of course! Whether you feel like playing croquet, Frisbee golf, hide-and-seek, or staging a treasure hunt–or maybe just a quick game of crazy eights–this book has all the rules for over 150 games and activities, many summers’ worth of entertainment. The collection is divided into sections such as “Land Action” (croquet, badminton, capture the flag); “Just for One or Two” (juggling, card tricks, double solitaire, marbles); “Indoor Games” (charades, dominoes, hearts); “Games to Make” (comet ball, pickup sticks, homestyle bingo); “Waterfront” (water safety’s no game, beach games); and “Warm Weather Olympics” (Olympic planning, beach biathlon, land challenges). Jane Drake and Ann Love are sisters who have spent many summers together with their families, playing lively, silly, and just-plain-fun games. They are both avid naturalists and are the authors of the bestselling The Kids’ Summer Handbook and The Kids Campfire Book. This excellent game guide–clearly and attractively designed, straightforward, and packed with potential–belongs on the shelf of any kid or parent looking for year-round fun. (Ages 8 to 98). –Karin Snelson


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