Posted by: kitkat | August 3, 2008

Fourth Week of Summer Reading: Animals

I know that you’re barking mad for some animal books. If you check out non-fiction in j590-599 you’ll find tons and tons of animals who can’t wait to tell you about themselves.

Here’s our special program for the week:
August 5 at 11 AM – Wild Wings Live Bird of Prey Demonstration
What is a raptor? Why and how are they different from other birds? The audience will be introduced to different families of raptors – an owl, a hawk and falcon. Learn the natural history, biology and physical adaptations of birds of prey. With many hands-on items we explore size, feathers, flying, hunting styles, beaks, feet and talons.

Things you can do:

  • Go to Seneca Park Zoo
  • Discover a new animal… or make up a new animal!
  • Get one of the library bird/bug identification guides and find some in your backyard
  • Make your own zoo. Find stuffed animals to be zoo animals or ask your friends to dress up as animals. Make lots of noise (as long as your parents say okay) and make sure to feed your animals!

Things you can do if you have a pet:

  • Go for a long walk with your dog
  • Pet your dog or cat
  • Sit for a portrait with your pet
  • Make special treats for your dog or cat

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