Posted by: kitkat | August 8, 2008

Dick King-Smith

I haven’t once chosen just an author and not a specific book or series, but I’m making an exception here. Dick King-Smith has written oodles of books about animals and we have quite a few!
Here you can find more information about the author.

Here’s what we have at Parma. This should keep you guys busy for a little while!

Ace, the very important pig
All pigs are beautiful
Babe : the gallant pig
Billy the bird
Charlie Muffin’s miracle mouse
Chewing the cud (biography)
Clever lollipop
Cuckoo child, The
Funny Frank
Golden goose, The
Harry’s mad
I love guinea pigs
Invisible dog, The
Lady Daisy
Lady Lollipop
Martin’s mice
Mr. Potter’s pet
Mysterious Miss Slade
Nine lives of Aristotle, The
Pretty Polly
School mouse, The
Sophie in the saddle
Sophie’s Tom
Spider Sparrow
Stray, The
Swoose, The
Three terrible trins
Toby man, The
Water horse, The

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