Posted by: kitkat | August 27, 2008

Suggestion Box #1

I’ve had a suggestion box in the kids area for a couple of months now after hearing about the success the Webster Public Library was having with their suggestion box. I have quite a few suggestions now, so I thought I would post them with my replies.

Star Wars Books
We have quite a few Star Wars books in our series section, however I’ll see if I can get some more, maybe some easy readers.

Books on pet hermit crabs: what to feed, expect, etc.
I’ll see what I can do. We do have one but I’ll look for some more.
Hermit crabs by Sylvia A. Johnson j595.3 JOH

A Play
I’m assuming that you want to put on a play. Maybe we could try that over the winter when its cold and no one wants to do anything.

Books or DVDs on rollercoasters
I thought we had something, but we have absolutely nothing! Shameful! I’ll start looking soon.

Any music by Putumayo, anthologies and guides to different types of music: folk, Spanish, Latin, Caribbean.
We have a special homeschooling collection in the library. We worked with three other libraries and created special subject kits. Each library took a different topic: Chili has history kits, Greece has language arts kits, we have music and art kits, and Webster has science kits.
We have a world music kit that contains:
Let’s Make Music by Jessica Baron Turner
Putumayo: One World, One Kid (CD)
Putumayo: World Playground (CD)
Putumayo: World Playground 2 (CD)
Putumayo: World Playground (CD & Guide)
World Party (CD)

Pokemon Comics
Yes yes yes. You and many other people want pokemon books. I have been looking, but many are out of print. Don’t you worry, I’ll keep looking.

Black Lagoon books
By black lagoon, do you mean the series “Black Lagoon Adventures”? These ones seem to be an easy chapter book series. There are also other ones, such as “The Librarian From the Black Lagoon”. I haven’t purchased these yet because they only came out in paperback, and picture books don’t last long in paperback. I’ll try and get a couple of the chapter books, but as I said, I don’t buy any picture books in paperback.

Well… we don’t have tons of DVDs, but we do have DVDs. If you could let me know some specific DVDs that you would like me to order, that would be very helpful.

Comfy chairs, a slide, and staff name tags so that I could greet them properly.
I really wish that we could buy comfier chairs and a slide, but we absolutely don’t have room. We hardly have room for what we do have. I hate to think what will happen if someone in a wheelchair has to get around in the kids area. The chairs and beanbag chairs we have right now are absolutely uncomfortable for adults. As to the nametags, I will bring it up to the new director.

Poisson Rouge (Red Fish) Excellent website for pre-k age and other younger kids, non-commercial.
Interesting website, I’ll have to check it out. If we get the internet (a very blocked version) I will add it to the list of recommended sites.

Smart Girl’s Guide to Babysitting
Are you talking about the American Girl series? I looked on the American Girl site, and I couldn’t find a smart girl’s guide, but I did find this title.

Elephant books – little
Do you mean picture books, books about real elephants?

I want more toys
We have quite a few toys over there right now. They’re quite a mess now, so I don’t know that adding more toys would be a good idea. If someone donates a good, large toy box maybe someone else will donate some more toys.

Story times and shows at night (6-7pm)
I only work one night a week (Thursdays) and I do a program at 4 pm. I have tried doing story times at night and no one has shown up. I’ve had to do story time for the knitting group (of women) that used to meet at the library. I will do a story time on Saturday, November 1st at 10:30 am. If that goes well, I’ll try to do more story times on the Saturdays that I work. As a working mom, I completely understand that you want to have programs in the evening, but unfortunately, they go unattended. Maybe I could host a working moms group (sort of like the Moms Club for stay at home moms) and that could give me an idea what people would want.

hi Peoppl
Hi yourself!

Angelina Ballerina Books
I just purchased every single Angelina Ballerina book available. They’re all by Katharine Holabird, so look up H in the picture books area.

I think you should have a “walk the chalk” day and they win prizes who’s is better at least 16 people get a prize
That sounds like a good idea! Maybe I’ll do that in the spring.

Night World by L.J. Smith
Ultra Maniac – A Shojo Beat Manga

Your wish is my command. 🙂

Would like the library to have story times for kids whose parents work, i.e. after 5 pm or on weekends. Thanks.
As I said above, I’ll try a Saturday one and if that goes well, I’ll do more.

I think the knitting group should make stuff and donate it.
Good idea! I’ll talk to the group.

A musical show.
Done! We had Tom Sieling August 15th at 2pm. We had 47 people, which was a reasonably good turn out.

A fish tank and a club that will feed the fish.
Done!… if we get a new library and the new director thinks its a good idea.

I would have a magician come and I would get more books on CD.
We had magician Bill Rahn on July 23 at 11 pm. We have an account with a audio book company and each month I buy two more books on CD.

Pokemon chapter books
As I said way up above, I’ve been looking for Pokemon books, unfortunately many are out of print.

How to books on ballet
I did buy a couple of new ballerina books besides Angelina, ask me and I can help you find them. I’ll look for some how to books soon.

Books by Kimberly K Jones, especially Sand Dollar Summer

I do try to have snacks at most of my programs, but unfortunately it would get too expensive to just leave snacks out all the time.

Summer Reading Program
I did have a summer reading program that I thought was really good, but I don’t think many other people liked it much, since we didn’t have a really great turn out. 😦

Books on birds
We do have quite a few bird books, but I can look for more… or maybe I could do a bird book display. Actually, I did do a bird display when we had Wild Wings come to the library this summer. We had 150 people! It was crazy!

I WOULD DO A LEGO BUILDING CONTEST (this person wrote it big, I think they really want a contest!)
That would be a great idea. I’ll have to work out all the kinks, such as how to get the legos, where to put them etc.

Make a baby play areea.
If only we had the room. Sorry. No can do.

Programs for homeschoolers
As a public library, I feel it would be wrong to do programs that target very specific groups, however all me Thursday family programs are mostly attended by homeschooling families. I have been asked to do some more library education programs so maybe I’ll try and do that in the spring.

Sing songs paint pictures
Interesting… maybe we could do a finger painting program and play music that everyone can sing to?

Spiderman books – LOTS!
Just like the Star Wars and Pokemon books, I’ll try and get on that. Its hard though because many of the Spiderman books are geared to teenagers and up. I’ll try and get more Spiderman books.

A Pet Show
If we had space outside the library that would be a great idea. I’d hate to bring in too many pets because other people might be allergic. Of course I also want to do a Therapy Dogs program… which has dogs and would need to be inside. I’ll see what I can do.

Popular Mechanics DVDs for kids
I do have a couple, but I’ll get some more… like the roller coaster one.

More folk music in the library:
Kathy Reid-Naiman (Canadian artist)
Tickles and Tunes
More Tickles and Tunes
On My Way to Dreamland
Smooth Road to Londontown

I’ll see if they are available in the place I have to buy all my music from.

I think should add girl stuff to it
To what?

Bill Wallace books:
Trapped in Death Cave
Danger in Quicksand Swamp

We have Danger in Quicksand Swamp but we don’t have Trapped in Death Cave so I’ll get that one.

We also received two great pictures that I’ll make copies of and post!
Thanks for all the suggestions! Keep them coming!

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