**Year round programs for kids**

Thursdays at 4 pm – Children of all ages and parents are both invited to join us!

1st – Games Games Games
Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, board games, card games & handheld games. DDR, Guitar Hero, board games and cards will be provided. Feel free to bring your own games too!

2nd and 4th – Knit, Crochet & Chess
Bring in your work & join in lively discussion. Don’t want to knit or crochet? Come in and play chess!

3rd – Family Book Discussion
(begins at 5pm)
Discuss a book on a different topic (chosen by the group) each month & eat food of the librarian’s choosing. Please let us know if you have food allergies!

5th – Movie
Watch a movie of the librarians (or your) choosing that has some kid appeal.



  1. Hi Cathy-

    Do we need to know the topic/book ahead of time for Thursday, or is it decided on that day?

    Do James and I need to sign up?


  2. WHY isn’t htere any programs for the kids whilt they’re off this week????? I liked the way the website was before.

  3. The programs are divided by years up in the top. Just click on the year and you’ll see the spring, summer, fall and winter programs, plus story times. I’ll be putting the summer programs up very soon! You can also scroll down on the right side and the programs will show up there, but I moved them down lower because I thought that section was getting too long. Thanks for your feedback though!

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